Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Compass Learning Sample Activities- Math

Compass Learning has a site full of 
wonderful learning activities for kids.  

Although the site requires a subscription, 
they do have some fabulous FREE
sample reading, math, science, and social studies activities

One thing I really love about the activities on Compass Learning is 

that they aren't simply games, they are truly 
lessons with content taught before the game. 

Two of my favorite math activities are for Kindergarten. 
The first is called Sorting Under the Sea. 

It gives both oral directions and a demonstration 
before asking the student to sort the fish by color or size. 
There is great feedback and even a checking option. 

The second activity is 

Students estimate and measure the number of cinnamon 
rolls on Chef Pierre's pan and fit them into 
his different sized pans. 
This activity also has great oral directions 
and help along with a checking option. 

Be sure to check out these great FREE lessons! 

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