Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't Laugh at Me

Don't Laugh at Me is a fabulous book by Steve Seskin & Allen Shamblin. 

Originally a country music song by the two men Allen Shamblin was inspired to write the song after his daughter came home from school one day, telling him that she was being teased by other children at school because of her freckles. The song is a ballad in which various characters, such as children who have been teased or a homeless man begging on a street corner, all of whom ask for acceptance from others. 

The two turned it into a book with wonderful illustrations 
that would be great to use in the classroom when talking about acceptance and bullying.

Lesson Plan SOS posted a great lesson on Vivid Visualization using 
this book here that includes some great printables!


  1. Hi Shannon! It's my first time here but I really like what I see! Your voice really comes out in your writing.
    Thanks for sharing this great song and book. :)

  2. I picked you as one of my Top 10!
    I have aslo featured you in some of my Friday Favorites!!
    A Place Called Kindergarten

  3. wow I can't believe this it makes me happy because I get bullied too :)


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