Monday, August 15, 2011

Math Pickle

Anyone that knows me knows I HATE pickles. 
It's not just that I don't like them.
I HATE them with a white hot firery passion! 

So when I first saw the name of 
this site mentioned on iLearn Technology
I didn't visit it- simply because of it's offensive name.  

But then I thought about it and realized I was being a 
tad ridiculous and went to visit the site.
And boy am I glad I did!

Math Pickle is a great site full of math videos for kids grades K-12 as well as some great math competition problems for students. The problems are called $1,000,000 problems and include both Powerpoints explaining the problems as well as handouts for kids to use when solving the problems.  

It focuses on kids become great problem-solvers which I just love!  It has videos of kids working on the competition problems and encourages teachers to video their students working on them. 

I guarantee my kids will be working on Math Pickle soon! 


  1. Really? I never knew you didn't like pickles ;) You are such a silly girl 'offensive' site...bwahahaha

  2. yea, visiting this site is one thing, SHEARCHING IT UP IS ANOTHER.


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