Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Have you ever looked up at the clouds and tried to see what kind of pictures you can see? 
If you have you are going to love the site Klowdz! 

Here's a description of the site in their own words:
Klowdz lets you unleash your creative cloud shape hunting skills and share them with the world. Pick from a large number of "blank" clouds, imagine and draw, then save and share. Simple!

Klowdz is super simple to use! 
You are given a picture of a cloud (or you can pick from a cloud bank), 
use the easy drawing tools to create a picture, and then share by saving to the gallery.
What a fun site to use on a rainy day! 
{Not that we have had any rainy days in FOREVER here!}

Thanks to Lauren for the tip on this fun site! 

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