Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Name Selector

I recently saw this Random Name Selector on John McLear's School Technology's 
blog and absolutely loved it!
{John obviously has a great sense of humor because when you click on his page, 
the title at the top of the tab reads: Teach meet victim selector!}

The Random Name Selector allows you to randomly pick names from a list you've created.
Once you have entered your student's names and clicked the Go button, 
a name is selected {and said aloud}, you are given several choices. 
You can start a two minute timer or a seven minute timer.  
You also have the option of removing the name from your list. 
It has fun animation, sound effects, and a large fun font
so it's perfect for displaying on your SmartBoard. 

Keep in mind that this tool doesn't have to be limited to names and that you can enter lists of numbers, vocabulary words, characters in a story- basically anything you can create a list of. 

John has even allowed an option for imbeding the tool in a webpage- 
provided he is given credit!
Thank you John! 

To use the interactive, just click on Change Names, and type
 in your names, numbers, or words. Then click Go! 

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  1. Online tools are always handy and easy to use because you don't have need to download any thing agreed?


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