Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gudli is a FREE and wonderful site for K-2nd graders!
It's a site set up specifically for young learners and includes 
lessons and games to help children develop math, logic, memory, word, 
creativity, language, and science skills. 
Games are divided into 5 categories: Math, Language, Puzzle, Fun, and Science. 

Each game can be played full screen and includes 
sound, music, and great animations!
Here's an example of the Pattern Match game:

The site also includes an Arts & Crafts area that includes lots of
 printable coloring sheets
in the following categories: 
Animals, Characters, Transports, Fruits & Vegetables, and Houses

as well as a Worksheet area that includes connect the alphabet, 
connect the numbers, and maze sheets that can be done online or printed. 

Thanks to Troy K for the tip on this great site!

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