Wednesday, April 20, 2011

24 FREE Apps

To celebrate Autism Awareness Month, has made all it's Applied Behavior Analysis flashcard apps FREE to download during the month of April! How cool is that?

What is Applied Behavior Analysis you might be asking?

Here's a definition from the website:
The acronym ABA stands for  “Applied Behavioral Analysis”.  It is the science of behavior. Behavior is anything we say or do, from asking for juice, or a child telling their parent they hear an airplane, to playing on the beach.  In simple terms it involves breaking down tasks into small achievable steps, each step building on the previous one.  Data is taken to guide teaching and rewards called ‘reinforcers’ are given for correct responses.

Although these apps were originally created for children with disabilities, 
they definitely could be used with all young children.  

Here are a few screenshots of some cards from the emotions set:

Click here to download all 24 FREE apps at once and be sure to 
share with any parent or teacher you think might be able to use these apps!

{Thanks to The Education Technology Blog for this tip!}

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