Thursday, March 24, 2011

Online Timers and Clocks

My friend Donna recently posted some great online timers on her blog here
It made me think of some of my favorite timers and simple clocks
 that I thought I would share. 

{If you haven't already seen them, I blogged about some interactive clocks here. }

Eggtimer is such a simple and fun timer! 
On thing that I love about it is that you can type in the web address in your browser
 and then type the amount of time you want it to show
 and click enter to have the timer start. 
So easy! 

This online stopwatch is another easy and very simple timer. 
You first choose if you want the timer to be a stopwatch or to count down.

Then you set the timer and click set
and the countdown begins!

This is the countdown
and this is the stopwatch

This same site also has some other great timers including 

Here are some great clocks to put on your Smartboard:

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