Monday, February 28, 2011

With the entrance of iPad's into today's classrooms this iPad simulator would be great to use to show students some of the features on an iPad or to use with teachers during training.  

Although not all of the apps are functioning just yet,
 here are a few of the things that you can do with the iPad simulator:

  • Moving Screens left and right 
  • All icons have css3 rounded corners and shadow similar to ipads
  • Search works almost identically to the ios.
  • Lock screen effect with returning lock
  • Home button works
  • Sleep button puts iPad in sleep mode

Edit Mode: click and hold on any app for 2 seconds to enable edit mode

  1. - Edit mode icons shake in chrome
  2. - Move apps from place to place in edit mode
  3. - Move apps to another page
  4. - Move apps to dock
  5. - Delete Apps

Multitasking: launch any app, and it's in the background

  1. - multitask bar opens on double homescreen click
  2. - 3D (only safari and webkit nightly) switch between open and wanted mutitask app
  3. - remove app from multitask by editing the multitask bar (hold and hold for 2 sec.)

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