Monday, November 15, 2010

Picture A Story

The Delaware Art Museum has provided a great website dedicated to storytelling.   On this site, students can picture a story, experience a story, or tell a story. 

 The Picture a Story  provides a great tool for telling a digital story.  

First, students choose a genre of story that they want to tell choosing from adventure, romance, fantasy, comedy, fairy tale, drama, mystery, western, or horror. 

Next they choose a famous painting background for their story.  Then students add characters (who are also from famous works of art), props, and then tell the story. 

In the tell the story section, students type out the story.  If they would like to, students can even record the story in their own voice.  When students have completed their story, it can be shared via email. What a great way of bringing together art and storytelling! 

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