Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hotel Decimalfornia

Hotel Decimalfornia is a great game for practicing addition and subtraction of decimals. 

Here's how you play:
In Hotel Decimalfornia, kids play the role of an escort Snowy Owl, who has to take as many Screech Owl hotel guests to their rooms as possible before the morning comes. But these pesky Screech Owls make nothing easy. Rather than just telling the elevator escort what room they are in, they make him figure out an addition or subtraction decimal problem! Worse yet, this hotel's rooms are numbered by decimals! The good news is the Snowy Owl escort receives a $5.00 tip for each Screech Owl he delivers successfully. If the escort brings the Screech Owl to the wrong room, however, he loses $5.00!

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