Monday, November 8, 2010

Greater Than or Less Than Games

I've recently found a few really great greater than or less than games online. These would be perfect to play on the SmartBoard or on individual computers for review! 

This Raceway Game from Abcya is great and has two different levels! 

This game from TeacherLed is a fabulous one. After pressing start, a student simply compares two decimal numbers.  They then write either a < or a > sign in the large blue blank space at the top.  The game  will then recognize which of the 2 signs has been drawn and award a point for a correct answer and remove one for an incorrect answer.

Comparison Shoot Out is a game where students compare the numbers and kick the ball into the correct side of the goal to score!  The Comparison Shoot Out game has three levels of play.  Level 1 compares whole numbers, level 2 compares fractions up to eighths, and level 3 compares fractions up to hundredths.  Click/press and hold the arrow and release it when it is pointing to the correct answer on the goal.

This Toon University game has three levels for comparing numbers. 

Mr. Naussbaum's Genius Boxing is another fun comparison game! 

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