Wednesday, October 27, 2010

50 States and Capitals

There are so many resources online for teaching US states and their capitals.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Place the State is a game where students must put the mixed up states into their proper place. 

Puzzled States is a game from Scholastic where students must place the shape in the correct place on a blank US map.  

Sheppard Software has a bunch of fabulous games for practicing states and their capitals.  There are different levels of games- from beginner to geographer. 

Here are some great activities from Quia for practicing states and capitals. Flashcards, a matching game, a concentration game, and a word search are all included on this site. 

State Capitals is a game where students select a US state and choose the corresponding capital. 

This United States map puzzle has three different states and capitals activities. One includes the states with outlines, one includes the states without outlines, and one is just over capitals. 

Where is the Mysterious Mr. N? is another great capital game. 
To Play: Choose "US Capitals", "US Cities", or "US Landmarks"
Read where Mr. Nussbaum is.
Click on the appropriate state below.
Score as much as possible in two minutes. has some great information on each of the 50's states.  What a great resource! 

Here is a fabulous 50 States, 50 Capitals song to teach students who are trying to learn the capitals and here is one on YouTube. 

Here are some flash cards for students who need to review states and their capitals. 

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