Monday, September 6, 2010

Start with a Character & Start with a Setting

iBoard is a site full of fabulous resources for teachers and Start with a Character and Start with a Setting are great ones to use for starting story writing.  

When students are struggling for a main character to write about, Start with a Character can help to give them a little inspiration.  Students can choose a face, an expression, and an outfit for their character.  Outfits include: cowboy, caveman, pajamas, astronaut, camper, underwater diver, beach boy, and knight.  For students struggling with spelling, you can also add a label to any item on the screen.  

When students are struggling for a setting for their story, Start with a Setting can help them to choose one.  There are nine settings including: movie set, beach, space, castle, forest, ranch, underwater, mountain, and plains. Once you choose your setting, you can choose many different items and characters for your setting.  

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