Monday, August 23, 2010

Seating Plan Creator

In honor of school starting today, all this week I'll be sharing some great online seating plan generators  and other tools to use as you begin a new school year.

First up is a fabulous seating plan creator by Triptico.   This Seating Plan Creator is a great online tool for creating seating charts and is easy to use!
You can add seats, drag them around the screen, rotate them, remove them, name then and then save and print the plan.


  1. see

    Using drag and drop technology just using your browser you can create your guests and tables on your floorplan and then drag and drop your guests at the tables.
    You can then print your plan to pdf to create your own seating plans.

  2. Wow.
    This is the ideal wedding seating planning tool. It looks like it can hold a lot of guests and tables. It even does RSVP's.. You can save up to 5 plans also and pick out the best one.



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