Monday, August 9, 2010


iCivics is a fabulous website that teachers students about US Government.  
iCivics is a web-based education project designed to teach students civics and inspire them to be active participants in our democracy. iCivics is the vision of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who is concerned that students are not getting the information and tools they need for civic participation, and that civics teachers need better materials and support.

Some of the great games on this site include:

  • Argument Wars- where students can try out their persuasive abilities by arguing a real Supreme Court case
  • Do I Have a Right?- where students can run their own firm of lawyers who specialize in constitutional law. 
  • Executive Command- where students get to be the president
  • Supreme Decision- where students find out how the Supreme Court really works and get to help cast the deciding vote
  • Branches of Power-where students are allowed to do something that no one else can: control all three branches of government
  • Law Craft- where students are a member of Congress from the state of their choice

The site is fun, has great animation, full of information and ready to go activities, and is a great way to teach students more about our government.  In addition to all the great student games, there is also a wonderful teacher section.  In this section, you'll find complete lesson plans- including printable worksheets, step-by-step instructions, and a complete curriculum outline. 

In addition to all of the above, there are also some fabulous civics webquests included on this site. Topics include:

  • The Constitution: Rules for Running a Country
  • Three Branches
  • Tribal Governments: Nations within a Nation
  • States Rule! 
  • Making Laws
  • Being President
  • The Courts in a Nutshell
  • You be the Judge! 

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