Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wild Earth TV

Wild Earth TV is a site that streams (mostly) live video of animals in their natural habitats from several sites all around the world. 

Live Channels include:
Safari Channel
Gulf Tower Falcon Cam
Pennsylvania Woods Channel
MN Bound Loon Cam
Sidney Eagle Cam 2
Hornsby Island Eagle Cam
Cathedral Falcon Cam
LaFarge Eagle Cam 1 and 2
Bluebird Nest Cam
Delta O.W.L. Eagle Cam
House Wren Nest
Bluebird Nest Cam 2
Sidney Eagle Cam

The Safari Channel is absolutely amazing live feed from Africa!!  Beware though.........this is a LIVE video feed and WildEarth does not edit the video. The video is of live animals doing what they do in nature- which could include mating or killing. So be careful when showing to young students.  If you are worried about the content, you can view archived video on the site as well as the live video cams.  

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