Monday, May 3, 2010

Spell A Picture

Kerpoof has recently added a fun new activity-  Spell a Picture.  

In this activity students can choose a background for their picture (choosing from beach, farm, nighttime, restaurant, and spotlight) and use the letters at the bottom of the screen to practice spelling words.  The neat thing about this game, and what sets it apart from other spelling games is that as they spell, pictures pop up on the screen that begin with those letters.  As they continue spelling, the game narrows the pictures down to the one word that a student has spelled- with new pics appearing and disappearing.  

In the example below I started to type fo and here is what showed up on the screen. 

As I continue selecting letters, add o t b and a,  the pictures changed.   

Finally I finished the word and my answer was selected. 

What a fun way to practice spelling!

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