Thursday, May 13, 2010


Moodstream is a very cool and unique website.  

It's a site created by the world's largest stock image company Getty.  Moodstream combines Getty's photo, video, and audio collections to create what the company calls a "powerful brainstorming tool designed to take you in inspiring, unexpected directions."  There are different options to adjust images, footage, and audio to watch and “experience” images provided by Getty images. 

Here is a description of the site from one of it's creators Rick Webb, of the Barbarian Group:

What is Moodstream? It's a concepting tool. The modern version of the fireplace. An interactive art piece. TV for the future. It's a website we created for and with Getty Images to showcase all of their offerings - still, video and sound - and inspire interactive creatives. And it's really, really fun to use.

There are 6 preset moods that you can adjust:  inspire, stabilize, simplify, intensify, refresh and excite. This site would be great to use on your SmartBoard as students write or journal in class.  The site would also be great to use during times when students are entering the classroom to help set the tone for the class.  What a fun and interesting site!

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