Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kindergarten PowerPoint Songs

I recently came across a fabulous Kindergarten website- Kelly's Kindergarten.  

Kelly's site is wonderful and she has tons of great resources like- Games to Make, Dollar Store Delights & Big Lots Bargains,  Phonics Materials, and  Online Games.  

My favorite section on her webpage is a page full of Music PowerPoint files of different songs.  

Here's her description of the files: 

I created these power points to accompany the songs I use in the classroom. You will need to own/purchase the songs in order to use these. Most are Dr. Jean and Jack Hartmann songs.

The page includes many Dr. Jean and Jack Hartmann songs but also lots of old favorites like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Three Pigs Rap, Down by the Bay, 5 Little Ducks, The Wheels on the Bus, and many more.  These songs would be great not only for music teachers but also for Kinder and 1st grade teachers to use in their classroom.  

And remember you can easily convert these PP files into Smart Notebook files by simply downloading and saving the files, opening Smart Notebook software and then going to File> Import and navigating to the PP file.  The file will be converted to a Smart Notebook file in just one click! 

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