Monday, March 1, 2010

Math Hunt

Scholastic has a fabulous website full of resources and activities for students and teachers.  One of my very favorite sections is Math Hunts

Math Hunts are a way for students to explore amazing facts and fantastic math by searching the web for science and social studies information to help them crack math problems. 

Here's a description from the Scholastic website: 

In this highly motivating cross-curricular activity, students set out on fact-finding missions that test math skills, provide practice researching on the Web, and boost reading comprehension. In each WebQuest-style Math Hunt, students visit Web sites related to social studies or science topics. There, they must find the information they need to solve a real-world math problem that covers one of 16 skills that correlate to curriculum standards for grades 5 through 8.  Students can work independently or in small groups to complete Math Hunt activities that focus on specific math topics. 

By participating in Math Hunt, students will:

• Practice problem-solving skills from the grade 5-8 math curriculum
• Explore topics from the grades 5-8 science and social studies curriculum
• Learn basic Internet research skills
• Develop an understanding of the construction of standardized test questions and multiple-choice answers

Topics covered are: 
  • Science- Antarctica, Creepy Crawlies, Early America, Earth Day, Endangered Animals, Extreme Weather, Human Body, Natural Disasters, Outer Space, & Rainforest
  • Social Studies- Ancient Civilizations, Black History, Holidays Around the World, National Parks, Sports, US Presidents, Western Frontier, Winter Olympics, Women's History, & World Explorers
  • Finance- Income, Managing Money, Saving & Investing, Spending & Credit

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    Teaching Happily Ever After: Earth Day!


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