Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Week in Rap

Remember having to cut out two articles from the newspaper and summarize them for social studies class.   It was a boring and painful assignment.  Well here's a solution for you! The Week in Rap is a super fun twist on current events. 

Each week a new video is posted of the previous week's current events- in rap format.  Each 1-2 minute video is chock full of the week's headlines in a quick and easy format.  This would be great to use in a social studies classroom.  A teacher could show these for several weeks and then challenge their students to create their own short video to summarize the week's event.  What a fun and creative way to get students involved in current events! 

(Note: if the video won't open on The Week in Rap page, 
simply click on one of the two links directly underneath it) 

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