Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Science Interactive NetLinks

James Holis from Teachers Love SMARTBoards recently posted about  Science NetLinks . I bookmarked it to check out later and am so very glad that I did!  

Science NetLinks is part of Thinkfinity, a partnership between the Verizon Foundation and 11 premier educational organizations.  There are a HUGE number of links to great interactive science activities. The activities are divided by name, grade level, and benchmark goal.  The activities are divided into the following categories: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. 

Here are just a few of my favorites:

SlushRush- This interactive from Kinetic City lets students see how computer models can help them deal with uncertainty and make decisions about how to proceed with a project. In this activity, students are presented with thirsty customers from all over the universe. The students' job is to choose the number and kinds of drinks to make to satisfy their thirsty customers.

Power Up!- This Science NetLinks resource challenges students to think about the positive and negative consequences of various types of power. The site provides students with a specific monetary budget, which they can use to purchase power plants for their city. As students choose their types of power, they will learn how much power the plant provides, how much it costs, and the effect it could have on the environment.

Zap- This is an interactive activity in which students test their reaction time. Students control a hungry frog and their job is to catch a fly as soon as they see or hear it.  There are three rounds to this activity. The first round tests the student's visual reaction time. The second round tests the student's audible reaction time, and the third round randomly tests both. Within a round, students complete three trials. At the end of each round, students are shown their trial times and average. The activity pauses to allow for recording or discussion. Students can look for improvements in their reaction times, as well as compare their visual and audible times. The "Learn More" feature provides students with information about what is occurring in the body during each reaction.

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