Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Music Mania

While searching for something for one of my music teachers, I came across some fabulous sites that would be great to use on the Smart Board in Music class.  Here are just a few: 

Students can click and drag the music notes onto
 the staff and playback their musical masterpiece. Great interactive site! 

A great site for kids with lots of areas to explore 
including a composition workshop, a composers' gallery,
 soloist dressing room, newsstand, instrument lab, 
instrument storage room, game room and much more! 

An actual keyboard where students can choose
 their instrument and then play.  
Choices include piano, organ, saxophone, flute, 
strings guitar, drums and bass. 

This is an interactive webpage where you can click 
on a musical instrument, hear the sounds it makes, 
and learn more about the instrument. 

A site for students to use to create their own music. 
Sections for beginners and advanced students 
as well as the ability to share your creation with a friend. 


a fun place for students to create music.  
Choices include drums, bass, two types of guitars, and sound effects. 

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