Monday, February 22, 2010

Character Scrapbook

The Scholastic website is a wonderful one- full of great activities for students to interact with and great resources for teachers to use.  One such activity that I recently heard about at the TCEA conference is absolutely fabulous! 

Character Scrapbook is an interactive site to help students analyze a book's characters and create a scrapbook to print and save.  This activity will work with almost any fiction or nonfiction book, and can be used individually or as a whole class. 

On one side of the scrapbook, students will create an image of the character. They can select the character's hair, eyes, nose, mouth, clothes, skin tone.  They can also choose from dogs, pigs, mice, horses, cats, and many other animal characters. 

On the other side of the scrapbook, students will identify and list important character traits. They can use the arrows to click through different themes, selecting the list or lists that best suits their character:
- Ten things I know about __________.
- Ten words that describe __________.
- Ten details about __________'s appearance.
- Ten facts about __________'s personality.
- Ten challenges __________ faced.
- Ten accomplishments __________ achieved.

Scholastic even provides a teacher's guide to use with Character Scrapbook here

What a great way to engage students and help them form a deeper understanding of the book's characters.

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