Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Phonics Lessons from Scholastic

Scholastic now has 5 wonderful Phonics Lesson Activities using Smart Notebook software for grades 1-3.

Here's what Scholastic has to say about these awesome new lessons:

These five new phonics lessons feature interactive games built in Flash, spoken audio of vowel and consonant sounds, and Senteo quizzes to reinforce the material learned and to instantly assess students' progress. Kids are invited to come up to the whiteboard and, through the simple touch of a finger, explore words and sounds that make up the English language. These lesson activities help students embed early reading, spelling, and verbal skills with an engaging, hands-on approach that meets a variety of learning styles and needs. 

If you are a teacher in CSISD, I've downloaded these lessons and
 placed them in the ELA folders in the First Class Elementary SmartBoard Lessons conference. 

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