Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Museum Box

The Museum Box is an absolutely fabulous history website! The site is based on the work of Thomas Clarkson who collected items in a box to help him in his argument for the abolition of slavery. He collected items in a box to demonstrate to others the fine craftsmanship and abilities of the African culture. He then used his box as a sort of travelling museum to aid him in his fight.

The Museum Box website provides a place for students to collect information in a virtual museum box of their own. They can collect items to provide a description or add to an argument of a historical event, place, or time period. Students can add images, text, sounds, video, links, etc. to each compartment of the box which helps them to form their own virtual museum. The Museum Box can be shared as a presentation, printed, or saved. After a box has been created, students can view one anothers boxes and leave comments about the box. What an absolutely amazing site where students can become their own curators!

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