Friday, January 22, 2010

100th Day Ideas and Resources

The 100th day of school is quickly approaching. I've been searching for some great sites for teachers to use and here are some of my favorites:

100 Snowballs is a fun interactive from Simply touch and drag the snowballs to create your own image, as long as you use 100 snowballs. If your class is reading 100 books, add a snowball as a way keep up with how many books the class has read throughout the day.

Give the Dog a Bone is a fun game that works great on the Smart Board. The object is to find 10 hidden bones on the 1-100 number square in less than a minute. A fun challenge for the 100th day!

Starfall has a cute 100th day of school book that would be great to show to your class on your Smart Board.

Mathwire's 100 Days of School activity page is full of fabulous math activities.  One of my favorites includes the 100 ways to represent 100 activity.


  1. Hey, meant to ask you, do you mind if
    i share your sight with a few of my teacher friends? I think they would love it.

  2. PLEASE do! It's not just for my teachers- it's for any that can use it. Thank you for sharing it with others! :)


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