Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Election 2016 Resources for Students

As we prepare for the presidential election next month,
many teachers are looking for good election resources for their students.
There are so many great ones out there- here are just a few of my faves!

Scholastic has tons of great presidential election resources
including vidoes, maps, interactives, and games
including this Electoral Challenge game

Newsela has some great resources including voting guides and nationwide student voting!

Win the Whitehouse is a super fun interactive from iCivics.

Cast Your Vote is another great one from iCivics.

If You Were President is a great one from Scholastic!

This great election timeline would be a good way to
 show students how the election process works.

American History Vote is a site full of information, interactives, and more!

BrainPOP has lots of great presidential election activities, movies, 
quizzes and some are free right now!

The PBS Democracy Project is full of great activities, posters, and information.
 This site is fabulous for little ones!

ISIDEWITH is a site that allows you to take the presidential election quiz
 and see which candidate you side with. 

USA Today's Candidate Match game also allows you to take a quiz on key issues 
and learn about the candidates positions on the issues. 

Below are even MORE great resources for students!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Fall Y'all!

Happy fall y'all! 
{It's still pretty warm here in Texas so it doesn't exactly feel like fall just yet- except early in the morn!}

Here are some great fall resources to be used with your students- 
on your Smartboard whole group or in the lab
for individual small group or whole group fun! 

Fall Games: 

Harvest Hootenanny

Fall Printables: 


Including: Flashcards, matching games, word searches and more!

Fall Science: 

Fall Videos: 

Why Do Leaves Change Colors? - Mighty Books

Why Leaves Change Colors

Pinterest Fall Ideas can be found HERE
and Fall Smart Notebook Files can be found HERE.

You can find all of these ideas on my Fall Fun website HERE
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