Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Awesome Interactive Hundreds Charts

Back in the dark ages when I started teaching I made tons of copies of 100's charts 
(some even purple dittos!) 
for activities for my students.  

Teachers today no longer have to make copies of 100's charts 
because are there some FABULOUS ones online! 

There are lots of great basic interactive 100's charts like this one from Primary Resources
that gives you the option to start from 0 or 1 and allows you to highlight numbers in yellow

and this Interactive 100 Square that gives you the option to start from 0 or from 1 and allows you to color in multiples using red, yellow or blue.
The ABCYa Interactive 100 Number Chart is simple and also printable!

and this 100's Chart that allows you to paint numbers red, blue, green or yellow

or Splat Square 0-99 or 1-100.

For a chart with more advanced features this one from TeacherLED is great!  In addition to options for starting at 0 or 1, whatever color is selected by the buttons with a circle on them will be the color that the squares will change if tapped. Tapping the button with the four colored squares changes all tiles to that color.  You can also highlight multiple squares by swiping across them rather than tapping them individually.  You can also hide a number and there's even an option to have a tile shake so if you have a student who is color blind- the option is perfect!
(there's also a fabulous TeacherLED app that includes a 100's chart too!)

This 100's Chart version has some great options under the arrow in the top left corner including the ability to hide all and flip all tiles. 

The TESiboard version is another one with lots of features: changeable start number, step number, customizable rows and columns, 6 color options, ability to hide all or show all or random hide. 

In addition to interactive charts there are some super fun and challenging
100's chart games for students to play! 

100 Boxes by Fuel the Brain is a neat game that allows you to choose a starting number 
and then asks randoms expressions to find the correct box to color.  
A variety of boards are chosen or you can specify.  

This 100 Hunt gives students a target number that they must find and times them as they do so!

Count Me In Too is a game where students enter a number into each of the empty squares in the range 1-100. Spin the overlay to revel more blank squares to fill in.  Use all the three overlays and spin each 4 times, entering numbers in sequence as you go. 

The Hundreds Chart 1-30 from Study Ladder is great for younger students because it has an oral directions feature!

Splat Square has two simple games

The Place Value Game Show I Got your Number from Education.com may be my favorite! 
Players must identify two-digit numbers based on clues from the host about tens and ones. 

All of these Hundreds Chart resources can be found in the list below!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Google Keep... AKA Digital Sticky Notes

If you are a sticky note addict like me you are going to LOVE Google Keep!

{click the link to see how it works!}
Keep is a FREE way to save your thoughts. 
 You can create, share, and collaborate on notes and lists 
and even set reminders and save the notes to your Google drive.
It works on Android, iOS, and the web.
Best part- it syncs across all your devices!
Think digital sticky notes!

I started using them and LOVE them!
No more leaving a note on my desk and needing it- I can just look at it in Google Keep! 

You can even add images or videos and share them like you do with any other Google products.
Love them so! 
How do you get started? 
You can start using them by going to http://www.google.com/keep/ 
and click Try Google Keep.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Fun Y'all

Happy first day of fall y'all! 
{It's 92 degrees here in Texas- it so does NOT feel like fall!}

Here are some great fall resources to be used with your students- 
on your Smartboard whole group or in the lab
for individual small group or whole group fun! 

Fall Games: 

Harvest Hootenanny

Nut Hunt (matching words and pictures)

Fall Printables: 

Including: Flashcards, matching games, word searches and more!

Fall Science: 

Fall Videos: 

Why Do Leaves Change Colors? - Mighty Books

Why Leaves Change Colors

Pinterest Fall Ideas can be found HERE
and Fall Smart Notebook Files can be found HERE.

You can find all of these ideas on my Fall Fun website HERE
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