Tuesday, May 19, 2015

50 States & Capitals Fun

Lately I've come across some FABULOUS resources 
for kids who are learning the 50 states and capitals!

Here are a few of my favorites: 
50 States of Lego is so stinkin' cool! 
It's LEGO diorama photographs for all 50 United States! 
There are 50 scenes for the 50 states: 
each scene something unique or representative about each state.
It would be fun to put one up on your interactive whiteboard and
and have the students guess which state the picture represents!

In this game, states appear at the bottom of the game screen and
capitals scroll across the game screen.  
You toss the ball at the moving capital to make a match.  
Move the mouse to aim and click the mouse to toss a ball. 
Each time you get 10 correct, you will get to select a different type of ball. 
Would be great to play on an interactive whiteboard. 

Natural Wonders
This awesome set of images showcases
 a natural wonder in each of the 50 states. 
Some are world-renowned and others are less-discovered gems.
The images are spectacular!

Can't tell Arizona from Wyoming? Then this is the game for you! 
Sharpen your geographic skills by clicking and dragging each state 
to its proper place on the map, and gather fun facts as you go. 
Learn all 50 and you'll be dazzling friends and family in no time!
There's even a printable matching worksheet!

Below is a list of a bunch of other US 
state and capital games and interactives!  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Grit and Determination

We've talked a lot in our district this year about grit and determination.
I watched this video this weekend and this girl is 
the true definition of grit!
It's 12 minutes but truly 12 minutes well spent. 
Such a great perspective! 

Here's one of my favorite quotes about grit: 

You can print a PDF or JPG copy HERE

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Google Chat/Hangout Tips & Tricks

I LOVE Google Chat/Hangouts and chat countless times 
during the day with those I work with!
In fact, I usually have three or four chat windows open at one time. 
If I have a quick question it's so much faster than sending 
an email to someone and worrying that it will get 
lost in their massive inbox full of emails!

Here are a few tips and tricks that I've found for 
using Google Chat/Hangouts
that help make chatting easier for me!

Add Pictures for Your Contacts: 
The profile photo that a Google user has uploaded shows up 
next to the name in email and chat. 
But did you know that you could change what picture you see? 

So if someone has a little blue head showing and it drives you crazy? 
Change it!
Don't like the pic they chose? 
Change it! 

To do so just go to your Contacts, 

search for the user, hover over their photo field and click change picture.  
Upload anything you want- and they will never even see it! 

Right Side Chat Window
Although I love chatting in Google- when it's over on the left side along 
with all of my MANY MANY Google mail folders, it's WAY too crowded. 
The day I turned on right side chat, that changed! 
To turn it on, click on Settings under the gear on the right side, 

the choose Labs from the choices at the top of the page, 
and enable Right Side Chat. 

From then on your chat list will appear on the right side! 

Format the Text
If you've ever wanted to bold or italicize or underline
something while chatting, you can! 

Here's how: 
To bold something,  use Ctrl + b before the text. 
To italicize, use Ctrl + i before the text. 
To strikethrough, use Ctrl + u before the text. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Fake Social Media Generators

People today communicate so often through social media and text messaging. 
Here are some awesome fake social media generators that would 
be engaging & fun for students and could be used in some cool ways in the classroom.  

Tweet Fake is a generator that allows you to fake a tweet. 
There are several out there but what I love about this one is that it allows you to pull the name and profile picture from any actual Twitter account and it looks CRAZY realistic! 
You just type in the Twitter username, click Find, and select the person. 

It then allows you to create your own tweet as if you were that person! 

It's super realistic looking and even adds reweets and favorites! 

ios7text allows you to create a super realistic looking text message. 
You can change the settings, battery percentage, connection and text.
You just click on the heading on the left side and alter the text. 
You can even choose if the message is green or blue and add an image! 

Simitator allows you to build your own fake Facebook status. 
You can change anything, use emoticons and even upload your 
own profile photos for posts and comments. 

Snapsr.com allows you to imitate Snapchat online. 
Create fake Snapchat images in seconds! 
Just upload an image, write a caption, add a countdown timer, and Snap it! 

Off the top of my head here are a few ideas for using these cool tools in the classroom: 
  • use the text message generator to do sentence corrections for grammar and punctuation
  • use the Twitter generator to have students have conversations between two characters in a book
  • use the Facebook status generator to have a famous person post about a historical event

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